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PNC400 Numerical Control System PNC


Excellent hi-speed interpolation function, applied in complex curve processing, the interpolation preprocessing segments can be reached to 1000, which can improve the processing precision and cutting surface-finish
Support open-loop control, output signal is pulse + dir or +-pulse
Support full closed-loop analog control and 130000 lines encoder with higher control precision
Support dual-drive controlling and cross decoupling 
16 channels general input and output as default, IO ports can be extended 

Support USB online processing and data transmission

Product Introduction

PNC400 is advanced CNC control system especially applied in sheet metal industry developed by RuiDa technology, cooperating with international leading motion controller manufacturer. Using high-speed Spline interpolation technology, greatly improved the control precision and dynamic performance. Support G-code and equipped with 12.1 inch TFT LCD displayer. It is widely used in laser sheet metal cutting application.

Functions Description

Support DXF, AI, PLT import file format and compatible with G-code and various of RUIDA customize cyclic G-code.
Support graphic translation, rotation, zoom in/out, mirror, array. Alignment can be also included.
Curve checking includes closure, self-intersection, intersection, overlapping (closed curves, merging overlapping, dividing ring, merging curves and delete the overlap lines).
Support closed curves contouring compensation and single line changes to double lines for non-closed curves.
Displaying of curves nodes and graphics process working path.
Graphics preprocessing: working path optimization, add lead-in / lead-out line, add bridge, and etc. Graphics processing information statistical and processing preview and correction.

Set the coordinates system as absolute coordinate, current position and location point as needed.

After machine installed, the following testing can be used to test the installation: signal test (to check the signal lines emit signal and respond to the right IO, movement test (to judge the direction and polarity of machine). When confirmed the limit and movement is right, reset can be performed.

Set the direction polarity, origin polarity, limit polarity, control method, motor equivalent, working area, speed and accelerated speed.

Frame function before processing, to check the approximate position of graphics.

Real-time displaying the current machine coordinate, workpiece coordinate, processing speed, machine state and primitives attribute.
Control the tracing laser head, up/down, blowing, and laser on/off.

Demonstrating operation is available.

PNC400 can be controlled manually (up/down/left/right pulse motion and continuous motion) or automatically (Start/pause/continue/stop/return when paused).
Support multiple-language interface switchover.

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