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2.2KW ISO20 ATC spindle motor

Product description

Product name: LB80-2.2KW

LB80-2.2KW series electric spindle is developed by automatic tool change electric spindle, which use four motor drives, ISO20 shank, 3-10knife rapid processing of different materials can be used in 24000rpm. It uses muli-layered defense of the double seal structure plus air sealing structure, when the fluid can effectively prevent, keep the prolonged use of electric spindle. It uses NSK imported bearings, monitor grease to ensure performance. Tool changing structure optimized design and manufacture. To ensure reliable and stable signal and tool change action.
Product name: LB80-2.2KW
Rotating speed: 24000RPM
Rotating speed: 2.2KW
Torque: 0.72Nm
Voltage: 220V
Current: 6.8A
Frequency: 800HZ
Connection of spindle end: ISO20Cone
Cooling: Water-cooled
Lubrication: Grease
Bearing No.: 2*HY6005C/P4,1*SM6004C/P4

Weight: 8Kg