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electric tapping/ threading machine

Product description

Model Number:M3-M16

Tapping Capacity:M3-M16

Rotation Speed: 250RPM

Operation Area: R1400mm

Max. Tapping Torque:80-90(N.m)

Air Flow:600 L/min

Air Pressure Required: 6-7(Kg/cm2)

Weight: N.W: 30Kg G.W.: 32Kg

Packing size: 105X60X17CM

Place of Origin:Dongguan,China


M3-M16 tapping machine feature:

 Rapid positioning and high machinery speed increase productivity.

 Lower tap damage pate, higher thread accuracy.

 Tap shall never break for tapping throough-hold or blind-hole.

 Tapping for heavier work piece requires no positioning equipments  nor movement, large work area.

 Lower machining cost than by CNC machine, drilling tapping  machine or manual tapping operation.

 Easy operation, no experience or strength required.


Easy Operate Pneumatic Tapping Machine performance Parameter:



·Tapping Capacity:M3-M16

·Rotation Speed:250rpm

·Working Area:R1400mm

·Max. Tapping Torque:80-90(N.m)

·Air Flow: 600 L/min

·Air  Pressure Required: 6-7(Kg/cm2)




Standard Accessories:


·Pneumatic Motor

·Air source processor

·Air Tapping arm

·Permanent seat

·Quick Change Collet:M4,M5,M6-8,M10,M12,M14,M16(ISO ,

·Tapping Device

·Optional Accessory:

·Universal Tapping  Device

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