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CO2 Laser Head for metal cutting

Quick Details: 

Support power: 200w-500w

Laser type: Sealed CO2 Laser Tube 

Wavelength: 10.6um 

Cutting Material : Metal & non-metal
Cooling : water-cooling 

Focus length: Automatic sensor adjust the focus length 

Our advantages: 

1. Follow, automatic induction adjust focus length;

2. With water cool, can protect your machine better. 

3. Metal and nonmetal mixed cutting 

4. With auxiliary gas

5. High quality alloy material with high hardness and good quality 

6. Support high power cutting 

7. Double focus length, can cut the thick/thin of metal, non-metallic materials. There is a strong advantage mix cutting servo cutting head in small power CO2 laser cutting machine application, laser power can support maximum 500W, using double drawer structure, short focal length collocation, which can cut metal material, can also be cutting non-metallic materials, adopting the water cooling structure, can prevent the lens from overheating. With horizontal position the use of simple tools, you can easily adjust the focus. Function advantages: 1. small and light weight 2. double drawer structure 3. automatic induction water cooling structure adjusting focal length5. portable auxiliary gas 6. Customized customer requirements and configuration of Z shaft part and a mirror seat part. 

Technical specifications:

MAX Support power 500W, focus 2.5” and 4” The level adjustment range: +1mm/-1mm ; Effective aperture: 20m Size: 300*130*130mm weight 3.6KG