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6 Channel/24V Relay Module

Blue 24V 6 channel relay module Optical coupling relay for arduino

Brand Name:sincere&promise                               Type:Voltage Regulator

Model Number:6 Channel Relay Module                   Condition:New

6 Channel self-locking Relay Module:self-locking Relay Module

Product Description:

Self-locking is click, relay, and then click, the relay is closed. 6-way self-locking independent of each other,
It can also trigger an external switch (CH Terminal Blocks), with high or low trigger (optional),
It can simultaneously control 6-way, such as lighting control, etc.
Trigger (jogging) is pressed relay, release the button to close the relay. You can also add a trigger switch
(CH Terminal Blocks), with high or low trigger (optional). In applications such as electric doors, electric door locks,
And SCM docking requires only a high or low pulse circuit circuit.
Interlocking fan design is a typical application, when S1 S1 pressed the relay; when pressed S1, S2 off, S2 the relay.
2-way interlock can only have turned all the way, can also trigger an external switch (CH Terminal Blocks),
With high or low trigger (optional). Practical applications such as fans gear switch circuit.
Product Features:
1. Using double-sided design PCB, 6 independent design, without disturbing each other;
2. Using single-chip design, reliable performance, strong anti-interference, not false triggering, superior performance;
3. The interface design user-friendly, with a good and terminals can be connected directly to the lead;
4. The trigger terminal have optocoupler isolation, independent external power supply can trigger truly completely isolated;
5. With 6 touch switch as product testing, inspection and direct product stability;
6. Has the power indicator (green LED) and six switching indication (red LED);
7. Use genuine loose music relay control load in 250V 10A (AC) and 30V 10A (DC) under load can withstand;
8. The module size: 110x57x18.5mm, Weight: 100g;
9. designed with four bolt holes: spacing 104x51, aperture 3mm.
Electrical parameters:
Trigger voltage: low level 0-2.5V, high default 3.5-5V (case 12V voltage trigger, you need a series resistance of 5.1-6.8K
In order to trigger; 24V voltage trigger, we need a series of 15-22K resistance in order to trigger, otherwise it will burn the chip)
Load: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC)
Module interface:
power input:
1.DC +: positive power supply module, and relays to the same voltage;
2.DC-: negative power supply module;
Trigger terminal:
1.CH1-CH6: 1-6 corresponds to trigger relay control terminal, support high or low level Trigger;
2.TRV +: positive power supply external trigger, such as to trigger an external power supply jumper between RTV + and VCC to unplug
3.TRV-: external trigger negative power supply, such as to trigger an external power supply RTV- jumper to GND to unplug
4.6 micro switch: relay test button corresponding to 1-6, when the low level trigger effective;
6. High / Low trigger selection, when COM and L-phase, low trigger effective, COM and H terminal phase, the
High trigger effective, refer to the diagram
Relay outputs:
1.NO1-NO6: normally open relay interfaces, relay before hanging, pull back with COM
2.COM1-COM6: Relay Common Interface
3.NC1-NC6: normally closed relay interfaces, relay before with COM, pull vacant post