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CO2 Laser water chiller

Item specifics:

Brand Name:Lanbo                                          Model Number:SD-3500

Cooling:Radiator That Forces the Wind Cool    Dimensions:47 * 27 * 37 cm (L * W * H)  Weight:9.5KgMax. lift:10MMax.                       flow:10 L/min                                  Voltage:110V(SD-3500)/220V(SD-3500)

Product Description:

Main Features:
Radiating capacity : 50W/℃ 
Small thermolysis water cooler, energy saving, long working life and simple operation;
With completed water flow and high temperature alarm functions;
Multiple power specifications:CE, ROHS and reach approval
SD-3500 applied to cool a single 80W laser tue(emitting rate lower than 60%)

Product Detail:

Laser engraving and cutting machine
Through controlling the temperature of the laser tube, prevent the laser tube from thermal deforming and keep stable output power and light beam quality to improve the working life and cutting accuracy.