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Machine Vision Standalone Laser Cutting System

Standalone Laser Cutting System with Machine Vision--RDV634G

Technical Parameters

● Laser control signal, and provide adjustable analog voltage, adjustment range is 0~5V.
● PWM frequency is between 2KHz to 50KHz, the duty cycles is from 1% to 99%.
● Pulse + dir and +/-pulse are available, pulse effective edge can be set, the maximum pulse frequency is 500KHZ.
● Linear /circular/B Spline interpolation precision is +/-0.5 pulse
● Image process speed>25 frame/s
●Position & identification time of single image is less than 50ms

Production Introduction

The RDV634XG vision cutting system is based on the RDV634XG motion control platform.Combined with advanced graphic image identification and positioning algorithm, especially developed for the automatic identification laser cutting field. The camera can be selected from 1.3 mega pixels to 5.0 mega pixels, monochrome or color is available.

Application Area

visual positioning, trademark cutting, image analysis


●Feature image positioning
●Mark point positioning
●Contour identification and cutting
●Ethernet data transmission with data safety verification to ensure the data accuracy when at high speed data transferred.
●Various signals and sizes operation panels for selection. 
●Self-adaption identifying path planning


●RDV-Light camera light source      
●Camera: 1.3 / 3.0 / 5.0 mega pixels, monochrome camera / color camera
● Lens: standard configured 8mm lens  
Mainboard Size:210mm*134mm
Environment:Temperature: 0~50℃