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ISO30 Air-cooled 9KW Automatic Tool Changing Spindle Motor

9KW ATC Spindle Motor Air-cooled AC22V 4Bearings BT30/ISO30 Short Nose Automatic Tool Changing Spindle Motor

Spindle Motor Specifications :

Model No. : LBZ143X133-9
Brand : LB(Made in China)
Product type : three-phase asynchronous Automatic Tool Change (ATC) Spindle motor
Pole number : 4
Rated power(KW) : 9KW
Rated voltage(V) : 220V Y-connection
Rated speed(rpm) : 12000-24000RPM
Current(A) : 2A
Frequency(Hz) : 200-400HZ
Cooling : Air-cooled
Bearing type : 2*7008C/P4,2*7006X/P4
Length/width/hight(mm) : 510/133/133
Lubricate : grease
Joint of nose : ISO30/BT30(if needed, let us know, we offer to you extra)
Repair time : bearing(half year),spindle(one year)
Weight : 26KG
Industrial Applications : FOR CNC Router Machine