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Speed Control Inverter VFD

Item specifications :

Brand Name:LB              Drive:Motor

Operating Speed:0-24000rpm  Model Number:1.5kw Water Cooled Spindle Kit

Application:Milling          Type:2.2kw Water Cooled Spindle motor Cooling:Water Cooling    Speed:0-24000rpm

Voltage:220V                Runout off:less than 0.005

Input :220VAC/50Hz      Output:0-220VAC 3-phase

Clamp:80mm                Pump:3.5m 75W

Technical Parameter:

A. Material: The cover is made of stainless steel, and the water jacket is high compression casting aluminum tube, red copper coil.

B. Bearing: 7002(1pc) and 7000(1pc) bearings

C. Voltage and rated current : AC 220V, 5A

D. Max rotation speed : 24000RPM

E. Radial runout : <= 0.025mm clamping amndrel vibrates at 30mm to nut

F. Frequencies : 400HZ

G. size: 65*158(mm)

H. Collet : ER11 collet, 6mm is standard

I. Nut model : ER11-A(B)

J. Cooling way : water cycling cooling way

K.Power interface: Gx16 aviation plug marked with number 1, 2,3,4 number1, 2 and 3 interfaces are connected with inverter power u, v, w respectively